Moving and Order Updates

Hi, Guys!  

This week has been crazy, and you guys don't know the half. Pink Poison Cosmetics and I have found a new home in the city of Charlotte, NC! All production will be done out here from now on and I can't be more excited. Soon, we will be hiring a production team as well as be looking for MUA's and MUE's in the city to be apart of a focus group that tests new products. We also will be doing a Model Call very soon.  I will share pictures of my new space amongst other things once everything is settled and I can't wait for you all to see.  

Order updates: Hi guys, since i've been moving I have not been very active therefore orders were delayed. As you all know orders get picked up every Monday by USPS, This is will resume on8/28 and continue every week unless otherwise posted. We will include a special gift with all orders because of the delay.