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  •  What's the difference between Liquid Cocaine and Pink Poison?

Our Pink Brush Cleaner was made first. We added an all natural dye to give it its pink color. One day someone requested a special order without the dye because they were allergic and had very very sensitive skin. So then we thought... Maybe we should just sell Pink Poison without the dye. Thus creating Liquid Cocaine. To sum it all up. They are exactly the same only one was created for our softer skin friends

  •  What happens if your bottle leaks?

Upon you sending us pictures and having purchased PACKAGE INSURANCE from our site, we will help you file a claim with USPS for a full refund. If not you will receive a personalized 50% off code upon your next purchase.

  • My product did not reach me, what do I do?

We have never had this happen, however if it does please email us. We send tracking numbers to your email after every shipping day so we can help you track your product.

  •  I want to do business with Pink Poison Cosmetics, Where can I inquire?

Please do not DM us as we do not often look our DMs, Please email us at and in the subject like have Business and we will contact you within 24 hours!

  • What is Pre-Shipment?

Once a label is created, the tracking number is placed in preshipment for packaging and awaits USPS pickup. This step can last up to a week.

  • Where can I get in contact with the owner?

Our owner is on Twitter & Her twitter is @matchtaylor and is available at all hours.

  • Are Pink Poison Cosmetics products sold at any other retailers?

No. is the EXCLUSIVE destination for Pink Poison Cosmetics.